We are a team of experienced engineers, project managers, facade access specialists, construction and maintenance crews who are dedicated to doing what we do. Our enthusiasm and forward thinking move us to make positive changes to the industry we serve and the charities we support.


We have expanded our services to cater to your various exterior maintenance needs. From parapet caps down to your basement, we have the right people for the job.  It takes a big person to admit that maybe someone else can do it better; and should that be the case, we will inform you right away that we do not or cannot perform the service you are requesting.



OSHA 10, OSHA 30, Fall Arrest Training, General Construction Site Safety, Blood borne Pathogens, First Aid, Hazard Communication

Alliance is dedicated to the protection of its employees from on-the-job injuries. All employees of Alliance have the responsibility to work safely on the job.  We have adopted a safety plan that is compliant to OSHA mandate that employees be trained on procedures, policies, hazards and equipment that are specific to this business.  All Alliance employees, who are performing façade maintenance, have been certified to perform work at heights.  Weekly tailgate meetings provide a venue for our teams to discuss safety at the job site.


Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 

Our client’s satisfaction is the determinant of the Alliance quality.  From clean presentable workers to QC checks by our supervisor down to the final punch list walk, we want our clients to be kept in the loop.

Prior to any job, we start off with a pre-job meeting where the client will have the chance to meet the project manager and/or the job supervisor to discuss the approved scope of work, house rules and assessment of the job’s progress.

During the job, the project manager will be conducting quality control inspections of the completed phases of work to verify that it has passed our standards, adhered to the scope of work and to quickly address a non-conformity, if any.  In the meantime, the client’s representative will be informed via email about the progress status of the job, complete with photo documentation if so desired.

At the close of the job, we will conduct a final punch list walk with you (or your representative) to verify that we have delivered as expected.

Our experienced and disciplined team can handle numerous jobs at any given time.  Our regular project management meetings allow us to be in control of the progress and quality of every job. There is always a project manager on-call, especially for after-hours work, who will quickly address any important issue.

Alliance concrete works and repair

Teamwork & Communication

We have a winning team because we respect each other’s individuality and positive contribution to the team.  We are united by a common goal, which is to deliver incredible results.  We encourage communication in any form in all levels of the organization.  We all have everyone’s cell phone numbers so if a very important issue needs to be answered on a weekend or after hours, we all have each other to rely on.  If there is any problem, the team’s attitude is to be a part of the solution.


As one of the small businesses that drive the American economy, Alliance is covered with general liability insurance so everyone is protected.  We work hard every day, taking risks to better serve our clients, employing more people, and striving to be successful.  Alliance operates with one of the most comprehensive insurance coverage programs in the industry:

$2 Million Commercial General Liability Insurance
$1 Million Auto Insurance
$1 Million Workers Compensation

Call (818) 900-2479 to talk to one of the project managers and to set your appointment.