Let the train jump the tracks and see who catches hell.

That's what facility/ building engineers feel of their job. It's not even their job to drive the train.

We recently conducted a discussion in LinkedIn addressed to chief engineers and facility engineers all over the country (and the world) to find out what makes them tick. The responses are unbelievably heart-warming. We meet building engineers in our line of work every day and I never really got the chance to know this part of them because chances are they are busy taking care of the next issue.

At Alliance, we have always viewed our job as service providers to property managers and engineers as - an alliance. We want to be a part of their solution. So we make it an important part for us to know them.

Facility engineers are most likely the first one in the building and if you ask me are the unsung heroes of property management - the Scottie Pippen while a Michael Jordan is basking in the limelight. What you guys really care about is to get the job done.

So here's to knowing our facility/ building engineers out there - the first line of defense in any building issue. I asked the question and they answered. View the original post here.